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[Florence] Basilica di Santa Croce 08.06.2015
[Florence] Crossing the Ponte Vecchio 02.06.2015
[Florence] View of Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinita 02.06.2015
[Florence] Meeting David at Piazza della Signoria 01.06.2015
[Florence] Nice cake and free souvenirs from Gucci Museo 28.05.2015
[Florence] Il Duomo - Florence Cathedral 20.05.2015
[Florence] I paid 10 Euros to go window-shopping at The Mall 20.05.2015
[Florence] Train to Florence & Review of Hotel Fiorita 18.05.2015
[Rome] When it rains, it pours 17.05.2015
[Rome] Picturesque Piazza Navona 16.05.2015
[Rome] The Pantheon, home to tombs of the illustrious dead 16.05.2015
[Rome] Gothic Church Santa Maria Sopra Minerva 16.05.2015
[Rome] Capitoline Hill, Piazza del Campidoglio & Roman Forum 15.05.2015
[Rome] Altare della Patria - A Giant Wedding Cake 15.05.2015
[Rome] Glimpses of the Ancient City 14.05.2015
[Vatican City] St Peter's Basilica Makes Me Feel Tiny 13.05.2015
[Vatican City] Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel 12.05.2015
[Vatican City] St Peter's Square 11.05.2015
[Rome] Hotel Alexandra 11.05.2015
[Cinque Terre] Vernazza 10.05.2015
[Cinque Terre] Train Station & Colourful Houses Riomaggiore 09.05.2015
[Cinque Terre] First Italian meal at the VIA dell' AMORE 09.05.2015
[Cinque Terre] Riomaggiore & La Scogliera 09.05.2015
Milano Centrale 07.05.2015
1st Night in Milan 07.05.2015
Qatar Stopover 04.05.2015